Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Rare Sight

This is a rare sight to be seen anymore-- Bud napping during the day:

Watching Bud sleeping, I was having one of those "Mommy moments" where I was in awe of how beautiful he is, wondering how I ended up with him....blah, blah, blah (you moms out there know what I'm talking about). I couldn't resist taking his picture, of course.

It's so odd for Bud to take naps anymore. I think he has taken maybe 10 this whole year, and 2 of them have been in the past week! He ate a TON today, too. I think a growth spurt is coming on (why, oh why does it always happen right after purchasing new clothes or shoes?).

Here is an awesome Mr. Potato Head creation done together by Bud and Big this evening:  

I think that probably, even as a child, I had to have the appendages in their proper spots. I was never one that could color the sky green or a horse purple (not that I remember, anyway). I am so glad to see that my children are more free with their creativity. I hope it stays that way!

Rophone and I used to color together while we dated. It was a great way to talk and get to know each other. We mostly used Sesame Street coloring books, and even then we made a great team. 

Rophone colored in ways that I never would imagine doing--he would give Ernie Plaid pants, when the pants had no markings on them to show they should be plaid!!! (Crazy stuff, I know!) He made Bert look much hipper than I ever thought he could be! (I colored Bert a lot, too. I was good at making him look boring) 

So, Rophone colored the clothing, accessories, etc., while I spent my time blending crayon colors to get the characters' fur and skin (can It even be called that?!) just the right shade to match how they appear on TV. I also was queen of the walls and sky. Our pictures were beautiful!

We work well together, and I think maybe we've rubbed off on each other a little--in a good way. I think I can reach past previously set boundaries with a little more ease than before. Bert better watch out! Next time, I'm giving him plaid pants with a polka dot shirt!


Pete Pages said...

Those really are beautiful shots of Bud. Hope he still went to bed at a reasonable hour...(up too late: the curse of the nap)

Anonymous said...

Look at those eyelashes! And those cheeks, so smooth. The Wizard's been napping quite a bit lately, and eating, like, six meals a day. Must be the age. And then I look at the four-year-olds at the Wizard's preschool (omigosh! I forgot to take a first-day-of-school picture today! I am lame!), and realize that he will be growing a lot in the next year.

Siggy said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog the other day. I love the idea of coloring with a date or a eternal companion to be. I am so keeping that in mind...

The Laundry Queen said...

The average 4 year old is 40 inches and 40 pounds. Bud will make the height easily, but to make the weight he needs to put on 8 pounds or more in the next 7 months. I don't see that happening.

Anyway. JA, you're right. The boys do have a lot of growing to do!

Lisa Marie said...

I can't believe noone has commented on that Mr. Potato Head yet- HE'S AWESOME! I love when kids do something to remind us to look at things with a little more imagination :)