Thursday, September 25, 2008

Toys Not Needed

I don't even know why I spend money on toys. They drive me crazy as they clutter my house from top to bottom and, as I was reminded this afternoon, toys really aren't needed for fun to be had.

I came upon Big in the kitchen, throwing a yam around and yelling, "Football!" with joy. It didn't seem to bother him at all that his football was an even lamer bouncer and roller than a real one would be. Instead, he laughed happily each time the yam landed with a thud on the kitchen tile.

It got me started thinking. I think I'll rid the house of all the toys that annoy and replace them with hardy fruits and vegetables. That way, my house may be cluttered for a little while with them, but soon they'll be eaten and my house will be clean. 

The kids will be so excited to get new types of toys with the different seasons. Apples and winter squash in the fall, citrus in the winter....  

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