Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Darn That Big Head!

Most of you folks are probably familiar with the toddler face-plant. At times, especially during a growth spurt, it can be quite a common occurrence. There are many different causes of the face-plant-- the body going too fast for the feet, tripping, no apparent reason....but the one I'm talking about is caused by the large toddler head. Yes, that big head.

The face-plant I'm referring to usually occurs when the toddler is bending down to retrieve something, or when getting up from the ground. It's that perilous position, with hands and feet on the ground, head down that does them in. Their proportionally huge noggin pulls them past the point of balance, to a place from which there is no pleasant return--the face-plant.

Big fell on the sidewalk while he was outside with Rophone, with no apparent injury....until he tried to get up. That big head just pulled him over, so now he looks like this:

He seems to have recovered for the most part. I'm sorry your head's so big, Big!


Pat said...

My brother always looked like that when he was a toddler. He also had a big head. He too did regular face plants. Don't worry about the big head. Today my brother is very smart and very successful. It's a good thing.

Lisa Marie said...

I love the way you write- very visual. I can just see poor Big wavering above the sidewalk, teetering between safety and danger before gravity pulls him into the "toddler face-plant" :( poor guy.

Jen said...

I always felt especially bad when the grain of the sidewalk was imprinted on the forehead after the face plant. Poor Big, luckily they're resilient at that age.

Jen said...


Can you email me your brother J's email address. I want to do some scheming for Ren's 40th birthday and I need his help making some contacts.