Saturday, October 11, 2008

Books Always Welcome

When I see things like this my heart just melts. Ginger is such a good big sister to read to her brothers (especially since Big wants to read his new book about 50 times a day!). Big loves to look at the picture of the "dun-nut" (dump truck) the very best. 

I think that reading is super important, so I'm grateful that my kids all love it. I try to take the kids for regular visits to the library, and will always make room in the budget for some new books, too. Growing up in Oregon, I often struggled to find something (anything!) to read while it rained. It's not that my folks didn't have books, just not enough to last the number of rainy days. 

So, I will always try to make sure my kids are able to find something to read if they want. Especially if it allows me to come into a room to find scenes like the one pictured. It makes me happy. Books will always be welcome here.  

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Klayman said...

Fantastic photos! What great kids you have that would on their own read to each other. But who could resist a face like Big's.