Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ewww, Grody!!

This morning, just before heading out the door to take the girls to school, Big toddled into the living room smelling a little suspect. My nose was a bit stuffy, so I decided to take a sniff to be sure it wasn't just gas-- I didn't really have time for a diaper change, after all.

So, I lifted Big up and angled my head around his back to take a whiff. Now, this typical mommy maneuver is used by a lot of moms out there, usually with no negative repercussions... but, no! I couldn't possibly be so lucky on this day!

What I didn't know, as I used my cheek against his back to keep him from twisting away, was that I had lifted Big's top a bit as I picked him up and (now this is a vital bit of info coming up), oh yeah, his diaper was a leaky one-- So I discovered.... as my cheek was SLIMED with pooh!! Ewww, Grody!

Lovely! Very nice! I wiped my face with a diaper wipe and have washed it numerous times, but I still feel it! Big has been saying that everything is "grody" and "gross" since this morning. Makes me glad I didn't let anything more colorful spew forth (I sure did think it, though!)

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Lisa Marie said...

Grody is right! Goodness! I believe it was Elijah that repeatedly peed and pooped when I would change his diaper as a newborn. I recall one time in particular that mid-diaper change, he peed all over me. As soon as I got it cleaned up, and tried to finish the diaper change, he pooped (and you know what it's like at that age). It went EVERYWHERE! As soon as I got that cleaned up, I tried to put a dry diaper on again, and guess what happened... pee, once again, all over me! It took a lot of practice to time everything just right with him!