Monday, October 13, 2008

Snow Play

This morning, after we sent the girls off to school, I took the boys out in the yard to play in the snow. Okay, maybe not in the snow, exactly-- really, they were playing on the snow because it was just as hard and crusty as I expected it would be. But, oh well, they seemed to have fun anyway. Get ready for lots of pictures!

Bud, amusing Big with his show of strength as he crushes chunks of icy snow in his fist:

Brushing snow off Big's jacket:

Big, in his cumbersome snow gear, kept getting stuck in "downward-facing dog" (at first, trying to help him up by the arms, I kept bonking him in the head with my camera, so I started just grabbing him one handed by the back of his jacket):

Finally, exhausted, Big stopped trying to get up on his own. Here, he is sitting and chanting, "Up, up, UP!":

With encouragement, Big managed to get up on his own-- without getting stuck in "downward-facing dog". Hooray! He is so proud of himself:

We had a lot of fun. They wanted to stay out for longer, but I was getting kind of bored just standing on hard snow. Plus, my toes were cold (I don't have any boots, okay?!). I am such a party pooper! 


t0moo said...

From a Christmas Story:

[overdressed for winter]
Randy: I can't put my arms down!
Mother: Well... put your arms down when you get to school.

Randy: I can't get up! Ralphie, I can't get up!!

t0moo said...

And I forgot:
Ralphie as Adult narrating: Getting ready to go to school was like getting ready for extended deep-sea diving.

And since you seem to take to playing the part of Ralphie's mom, if Rophone wants to play the part of his dad, he can order a leg lamp from:

The Laundry Queen said...

That's one of Rophone's favorite movies! He thinks it's a complete sacrilege that I haven't seen the whole thing!

Anonymous said...

We have it on VHS and DVD if you're interested. :) I can send it back with all the stuff at Thanksgiving.

Lisa Marie said...

Big's hat is awesome, as is his very impressive "downward dog".

Lisa Marie said...

Oh, my bad- "downward-FACING dog". :)