Monday, October 20, 2008

Hair on My Chinny

I was just cuddling with Bud on the couch, and was enjoying it thoroughly, when this conversation occurred:

Bud: (looking at my face) You really need to take care of your chin.

Me: Why? What's wrong with my chin?

Bud: It's all hairy.

Me: (with shock) Really?! How hairy is it?!

Bud: (very gravely) I'd better go get my hair-cutting equipment.

Yikes! If I wasn't already struggling with getting older.... 

The best part of getting my chin hairs "cut" was when Bud offered to color them. I had a choice of brown, black, or gray. (Just for the record, I checked in the mirror and my chin's just a bit fuzzy. Well, except for that one long one I inherited from my mom. Thanks again, Mom!)


Lisa Marie said...

I'd go with the black :)

The Laundry Queen said...

I did choose the black. The brown Bud was offering was too light.