Monday, October 27, 2008

What a Thoughtful Child

The other night I was discussing with Pen some of my laundry woes (okay, maybe discussing isn't exactly right, but a mom's allowed to gripe now and then, isn't she?!). My woes are never ending, of course, just like the laundry.

Some of you may remember that this blog's inception came about because of my frustration over laundry and my desire for some laundry respect. I am beginning to give up on my dream. I never gave my mom any laundry props, so I don't know why I am clinging to the hope that my own children will be different with me.

Anyway, I was telling Pen that I don't want to be a nag (we're forced into it, right?!), but that the fact that she and Ginger had yet to gather their dirty clothes and bring them to the laundry room-- despite numerous reminders (See?! They made me do it!)-- was really wearing on me. 

I told Pen, "Doing laundry is really not much fun for me, so I don't need you and Ginger to make things even less enjoyable." 

Pen was listening very attentively (not tuning me out as usual), and she told me she had a great idea of what could be done to make doing the laundry way better. I allowed my mind to wander, coming up with all sorts of ways the girls could help more (we would be laughing gaily and singing while we worked, of course)... I began to get excited! 

Then Pen announced her plan-- "Mom, I'm going to have Dad take me to Burger King and I'll get you a crown to wear while you do the laundry, since you're the Laundry Queen and all. Won't that make it a lot more fun for you?"

It's nice to have such a thoughtful child. 


Jen said...

And then you smacked her, right? Did you ever read my blog post "Tales from the Laundry Crypt"? You'd relate all too well and it might make you feel less pathetic about how you're doing to see how badly I do!

Becki said...

Ha! Thoughtful AND helpful. I don't enjoy laundry these days, either, but felt horrible when Max called me into his room this morning because he needed help. He was standing next to his open pants drawer that was completely empty. Poor kid. Luckily, there was one clean pair in the dryer. I'd better get going now so we don't have the same problem tomorrow!

Lisa Marie said...

Laundry used to be my absolute nightmare chore. What changed? Well, I'm glad you asked... books on CD. I pick out a book on CD (Twilight and The Work and the Glory have been the most recent favs), and I listen while I work. It actually makes it enjoyable to do an easy, mindless, quiet chore so that I can concentrate on the story.... Although, the Burger King crown was an awfully thoughtful idea as well :)