Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lamp Ball

Big, the ball addict, has turned his focus from baseball to "backet-ball" (as he calls it). On our daily walk today, he went from driveway to driveway pointing at the basketball hoops and asking to play. 

Anything even vaguely resembling a hoop is fair game for a shot-- which is why my poor lamp looks like this:

The pole is supposed to go straight up the center of the shade, see. I'm not even going to bother to fix it until Big grows out of this stage-- it would just be a waste of time. So, for the meantime we'll live with our skewampus lamp and be glad it still works.

Oh, and in case you were thinking of trying it out.... if your child drops the ginormous tub of Philly cream cheese on the floor, yes, it does come out in one big glob. Ideal for cream cheese castle making if you so desire!


Anonymous said...

During the course of my "blog stalking" (don't worry I'm no psycho...depending on who you ask), I came upon your blog. Very cute...sounds like you and your kids are very blessed to have one another. You have a knack for this stuff!

Jen said...

I'm thinking you combine the cream cheese sculpture with the lamp and you get art!

Anonymous said...

You put the cream cheese back in the tub and scraped off the layer that had come into contact with the floor, right?

Klayman said...

If you did as janeannechovy suggested and scrapped off the top layer of cream cheese, it must be done according to the time variation standard of the Three Second Rule. Namely, for every second it is in contact with the floor, 0.3 cm must be scraped off according to the following formula: D = (X sec) 0.3 cm. D being depth to be scraped off and X being the time in seconds that it was in contact. This is assuming that you scrape it off right away. if not, you have to add another factor into the formula, P for procrastinated time which would be: D = ((X sec) + (P min.)) 0.3 cm.
Sorry for the math post but it is 5 am in Poland and I really needed to do some science.

The Laundry Queen said...

klayman-- okay, I laughed-- even though I know it's no laughing matter, of course.

Being the mother of 4 and entirely brain-dead, I can't manage the equation, but I'm pretty sure I scraped off enough (I had to go down a ways to make sure to remove all of the plastic tub shards that were embedded in there!).

Thanks! I needed a good laugh-- it's been a long day.