Saturday, October 25, 2008


I love Halloween! Not for the candy, mind you, but for the pumpkin carving (and to see the kids in their costumes, of course). This afternoon, while Big was napping, the 3 older kids and I had a little fun with pumpkins (let's not even get into whether the pumpkins had fun-- I can't make everyone happy!). 

I decided it would be better for Big to have his first pumpkin carving experience by himself once he woke up-- that way he'd be able to get really messy and I could devote all my attention to taking pictures. So, I'll cover him in the next post.

Ginger hated the pumpkin slime when she was younger, but now really gets into it. This is the only picture I was able to take that showed any of her face:

Pen has always loved the pumpkin carving process, and this year is the first time she carved her pumpkin start to finish all by herself. Way to go, Pen!

Bud loves the idea of the whole thing, but definitely isn't a fan of the reality of the mess. Here he is pretending to clean out his pumpkin (what an actor!):

We had a great time, but with all of the different directions I was being pulled I managed to get distracted enough to totally demolish Ginger's pumpkin. Sorry, Ginger. I'll have to carve another for her tomorrow.  

Here are the 2 pumpkins we managed to carve this afternoon before Big woke up (Pen's is the bat on the left-- the cat is the one I carved for Bud): 

Happy Halloween!

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