Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I Love Bummies

I really love it when kids pronounce things incorrectly as they are learning to talk. Big has been fixing his pronunciation problems a little more quickly than I might like, however. I hardly have time to enjoy it! I mean, he only said "bummy" for a few days before switching to a very carefully enunciated "bunny". It's almost as if he waits to utter words until he's sure he can say them right (I wonder if he practices when I'm not around?!).

I think my favorite mispronunciation to date has been from Bud. When he would jump off of things, he would squat in preparation and announce loudly, "I'm going to take a jump!" But, since he couldn't say his "Js" very well, it always came out as, "I'm going to take a dump!!" (at the top of his voice, mind you, and with the pre-take off squat....) Priceless! It made me laugh every time without fail. My kids really do bring joy into my life. Thanks kids! 


LisaFisa said...

My favorite from Eric was trying to pronounce Homer from Simpsons or Percy from Thomas the Train. And especially in church: "Homo" and "pussy!" YIKES!!!

Jen said...

Now that is a hilarious image!