Monday, November 8, 2010

The Absentee Children

I realize that my daughters are terribly under represented on this blog of mine. It's not that I love them any less, it's just that I see them so much less! I can't believe how quickly they seem to be growing-- I'm afraid they'll be out of the house before I know it. 

I finally broke my camera out again yesterday and tried to snap a few shots of Pen and Ginger to document how they're looking these days. Pen mostly looked perturbed with me, but I still managed to get a few shots. 

Ginger was just a tad excited, so capturing a good shot of her was a challenge. When I asked her to settle down a smidge I got a bit of a look.

She quickly regained her bubbly personality, however.

I love you, Pen and Ginger!


jww said...

Love the photos. Such beautiful girls!! (You scared me at first with "broke out my camera." Thought you'd BROKEN your camera. Whew.)

carmar76 said...

i thought the camera was broken, too! whew! glad it's okay & the girls are looking greatly happy! : )

John R said...

Do you have girls in the family, also? Oh yeah, I remember, and now they will outnumber the boys come Feb. or Mar. Let's see that would be BRG, short for...?