Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Clothes Horse

I don't know that I've ever mentioned it here before, but Bud is quite the clothes horse. He gets really tired of wearing the same old stuff in his drawers, and usually has his outfits for the entire week ahead planned out. I'm sure that when he's older he'll make a monthly calendar like my brother did. Just about nothing makes Bud happier than buying him a new article of clothing. 

Today, I was listening to him sing some songs he is writing (a constant around here-- he is always writing songs. It drives his siblings quite nuts) when I heard him sing the following line--

"Don't you know that outfit you're wearin'
Won't be in fashion in two thousand eleven?"

Bud's lyrics for all his songs are so awesome. One of these days I need to try to type up his lyrics as he sings them. I definitely need to put Rophone's skills to use and have him record Bud as he performs. How else would you be able to hear his rock sensibilities displayed with the "baby"s and "oh yeah"s that are interspersed into his lyrics?

I think it's awesome that Bud loves music so much. Hopefully one day he'll make enough money doing it to pay for his burgeoning shopping addiction. A few arena shows should do it.



janeannechovy said...


Sue said...

He's already got the long hair of a rockstar. He's on his way. Love that kid!

carmar76 said...

LOVE IT! bud's got skillz, he'll have no problem making enough $$ for his clothes habit. : )

John R said...

Gotta love that kid!

jww said...

Great post. I think it's amazing his talents shine so much at such a young age--and his love of clothes kills me. My boys could wear dirty pjs all week long and not notice.

Tomoo said...

LOL. I am speechless.

Anne W said...

Very into that song. I would download.