Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Five Days of Thanksgiving: Day Three

I just picked up Bud from Kindergarten and was informed that during their Thanksgiving feast the boy sitting next to him barfed. I'm not very thankful for that (and I'll keep my fingers crossed that we can avoid the barfs here), so I'll try to think of some other things.

1. I am thankful that I don't have to do the get-the-kids-ready-and-out-the-door-to-school routine for the rest of the week. 

2. I am thankful for red curry from my favorite Thai place. It makes my tummy happy. And the egg rolls are good, too. 

3. I am thankful that my husband is such a good shopper since I'm not. It comes in handy around the holidays.

4. Even though I don't generally like sweets, I am thankful for frozen Twix. A mini frozen Twix (I could never eat a whole one!) after a spicy meal is just about perfect.

5. I am thankful for a husband who thinks I'm smokin' hot, even while I'm pregnant. 

Wow! I've made it through 3 days already. Who woulda thunk?


jww said...

Great list (again). I wish you all sorts of luck and good vibes against the barfing thing. That is SO not cool. But it reminds me of something I'm thankful for that I realized two weeks ago. I am thankful that I have kids who are all old enough to throw up in the toilet when they get sick. YESSSS!

carmar76 said...

Twix are good in any form. Except peanut butter.