Monday, November 22, 2010

Five Days of Thanksgiving: Day Two

After a rough afternoon (gotta love those one hour tantrums), I think I really need this. Let's see if I can think of anything...

1. I am thankful that my belly is not yet big enough to prevent me pulling on my boots (admittedly with a little grunt) to go help the 5 year old stack the balls of snow he'd made for his snowman. (I guess this should also make me thankful for the finger loops on the back of the boots which made it all possible...)

2. I am thankful that outdoor-boy smell washes off. There is nothing like snuggling my freshly bathed boys and taking a big sniff. 

3. I am thankful my husband left the iron out yesterday-- walking past it several times today served as the catalyst for me to do the ironing. Now I have one less thing to feel guilty about.

4. I am thankful we're getting more snow to cover up some of the brown.

5. I am thankful for a working washer and dryer, and hope to have a working dishwasher again soon. (refer to #5 from yesterday's list)

Okay. I'm pooped. 


carmar76 said...

SNOW!!! i'm not ready for snow...

jww said...

Good list. I also have to say that "outdoor-boy" smell washing off is something I'm very grateful for, too!