Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Ball Player

It's that basketball time of year again. Ginger is playing for her second year, and I think she is enjoying it even more this year than last. It sure is fun to watch her play. The girls all seem to be picking up the rules of the game, but there is still plenty of double dribbling, running with the ball and overly aggressive defense to keep us entertained. 

I am still waiting for one of my kids to have that competitive drive that comes in handy in athletics, but they all seem to be more content to just be along for the ride. At least Ginger is having fun and enjoying the scenery. 

She has a great look of intensity, though. The twisted tongue helps.

Ginger loves to take the ball down the floor, and is learning not to pick up her dribble before she has someone open to pass the ball to. 

She's also getting a lot better at defense, too, keeping her body between her opponent and the hoop. Way to bend those knees and move your feet, Ginger!

I am so glad Ginger decided to play again this year. Hopefully she'll keep it up. 

Way to go, Ginger!


carmar76 said...

Way to go, Ginger, and also wtg Mom for the awesome action shots!! : )

jww said...

Good job, Ginger! (And I was thinking the same thing--way to go, LQ, on the ACTION shots. Action shots in poor lighting, might I add. Nice job!) It's so fun to watch your kids having a great time. :)

John R said...

Way to go Ginger. I hope you are loving it! Basketball is my favorite game to play, I just haven't played in a while.

patti's place said...

If she can just get the drive, she'll be just like her mom! Congrats on some great shots and way to play, Ginger!

Lindseybabe said...

That is awesome! Fun to see! I've been loving your posts lately! Good luck with everything!