Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pen Can Still Spell!

Some of you may remember when Pen won her elementary school spelling bee last year. She did well in the regional bee, but not quite as well as she had hoped. So much depends on the luck of the draw, and it just ended up that Pen was eliminated when she was given the only word used the entire day that she didn't know. Frustrating for her, to say the least. 

So, this year, Pen was determined to win her middle school spelling bee so she'd have a chance to redeem herself at regionals and make it to the national bee. She studied for hours, wanting to be sure she was prepared. She wanted it so badly. 

I would love to say that she won, but I can't. She did a fabulous job and took second. Obviously, Pen can still spell. 

The word that she missed was 'apocalyptic'-- which she at first spelled correctly in her head, and then at the last moment second guessed herself and ended up getting it wrong. It didn't help that the guy reading the words couldn't provide a country of origin for some reason and kept messing up the definition. 

To make things more frustrating, her remaining opponent then sealed the victory by spelling 'flamingo'. Maybe it's just me, but one of these words seems a tad more difficult than the other. Once again, Pen was eliminated by the only word used that she didn't know. Bummer. 

If the other girl had won with another word that Pen didn't know, I think Pen would have felt that she had done her best and that the other girl was more deserving. There would have been some comfort in that. But, as it stands, Pen once again feels like she was defeated by the luck of the draw. 

All I know is that we're proud of Pen and her fantastic spelling ability. I am so impressed by her determination and dedication to do well. Disappointment sucks and can be hard to swallow, but I think it will just serve to make her work even harder to attain her goal next year. We love you, Pen. Good job, and good luck next year!


carmar76 said...

Way to go, Pen! Definitely a frustrating thing, to be defeated so closely! But 2nd place is better than last place, and certainly an accomplishment to enjoy. : )

Happy Friday (soon)!

mk said...

i got first place in a couple of spelling bees growing up, and i'll never forget getting 4th place at a regional bee -- for misspelling VINYL. so lame, i totally knew that word! 2nd place is so awesome, though! congrats to her!

janeannechovy said...

Maybe the other girl will be sick on the day of the regional bee? Could happen.

In the classroom bee level at Anders's school this year, no student spelled onus correctly (the four or five different times it came up, in the different classes).

John R said...

Way to go Pen. Second place is still impressive, but you don't get to keep going, ugh! I sometimes second guess myself and get a wrong answer.

patti's place said...

Jana, please tell Pen we're proud of her. She's no spelling slouch. Love to her and you all!

jww said...

Definitely!!! GOOD JOB, PEN!!!!! I bet you were better than the winner.