Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Big has been on a real ball-sport kick this week. So much so, believe it or not, that his work trucks have gone mostly untouched. The kid tends to get a bit obsessive-- when he's into something, he's really into it. I have played so much bounce-pass basketball (practicing our bounce passes back and forth) and catch with the football and baseball this week that my arm is actually sore. It adds up to hours each day.

When we were playing basketball, Big kept on talking about how he was "creaming" the players on the other team so he could steal the ball. I tried to explain to him that you can't cream your opponents in basketball or it's a foul, and he let me know that what we were playing was actually basketballfootball. A combination of the two sports. Ahhhh. 

I told Rophone about it later when he was playing with Big, and Big said to him, "Yeah. I carry this bottle of cream with me and then I walk up to them, squeeze the bottle, and smear cream all over them!"

Oh, how it made us laugh! Rophone and I realized that even though Big has an obsession with sports, his actual exposure to them (because of our limited TV watching) has been rather limited. So, watch out if you're ever playing sports with Big. He just might "cream" you!


John R said...

It might not be too bad, depending on the cream. Keep 'em coming!

patti's place said...

What would you do without Big? He really keeps you thinking and laughing.

jww said...

LOL. That is SO cute. :) Clever guy.

carmar76 said...

*laugh* he's quite literal, isn't he? love it!!

Sue said...

I love it! Still smiling.