Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Favorites

Ummm.... let me think. 

1. I had a nice, long conversation with my opera singer sister yesterday. It doesn't happen very often, so it was good. She called to talk to me about my "Mice Wars" post. I guess mice can be good for something after all. 

2. My youngest sister, Auntie Art, found out that the twins she's carrying are both BOYS. So exciting!

3. I played catch with Big both yesterday and today (baseball this time, instead of football). It's amazing how much better he was at catching with the mitt today-- the ball only bounced off his head twice! I even found his critiques of my throwing to be rather charming (he blamed some of his struggles with catching on my 'silly' throws) and learned a lot from his lectures, "baseball is a combination of throwing, catching and hitting..."-- anyway, I had fun. It was great when Bud quit his authoring to join us for a bit.

4. I had another appointment with the midwife this week. It always feels good when one of those comes around (and they go well!), because it means that I'm getting closer to the end. Now that my appointments are every two weeks for the next few, and then every week after that, I know the time will fly. (Yikes!)

5. Getting back into the school routine this week wasn't as painful as I'd feared. Everyone was on time getting where they needed to go, and I didn't forget to pick anyone up! 

6. It's date night again tonight! Last week was so much fun-- fantastic company and fabulous gnocchi. I'm glad Rophone and I enjoy hanging out together so much. 

7. Oh, and I'm still sleeping better with my new love. Feeling more rested is giving me some energy to get things done. Hooray!


jww said...

Hooray, hooray, hooray! For all of them. Great news for your sister especially. And you being "almost done" with pregnancy! :) Have a fun date. I know I'm looking forward to mine with Kevin tonight. TGIF is right!

alisajeaniepete said...

I'm glad we chatted yesterday too. And talking for a moment with Stuart was definitely a highlight, even though he declined to sing for me.. (:

SassyMama said...

Wow! Lots of good things this week.
btw... Opera Singer Sister sang in church two weeks ago, and as always, was ffaabbbuuulllous!:)

Those weeks are now bound to really start clicking by...

carmar76 said...

Happy Friday Favorites!

B said...

LOVE your blog posts, Jana. I miss our days of hanging out. . .you were the one who introduced me to Capri Sun and other things!

Good luck down the "home stretch" and tell Sue congrats!!

The Laundry Queen said...

Sassy-- I'm glad you got to hear her sing! I'm really bummed I won't be able to make it to NY in March for her debut at Carnegie Hall-- it's a big deal.

B-- Capri Sun? Always such a rebel was I. I am glad you miss our days of hanging out, although I must admit to the fact that I'm not quite sure who the 'B' stands for. Of course, it is one am-- tomorrow I'll probably figure it out. I'm just happy to have another commenter on my blog! ; )