Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I find myself just assuming that this baby will look like Rophone.

I was a totally average sized baby at birth. According to Rophone he was on the large side, pushing 9 pounds. The two children who take after me in their coloring were average sized babies and the two who have his coloring were a little large-- 8 lbs  8 oz and 8 lbs 13 oz. And this baby seems to be running a bit on the side of big. 

Not only that, but the two that look the most like Rophone were very active in the womb, and this baby is, too. This baby is crazy active. Watching my belly morph and bounce is just about the best entertainment around. 

If I'm right, then maybe I know what to expect when this baby comes out. The kids who look like Rophone are notoriously bad sleepers (I'm talking not sleeping through the night until a year old), have blood sugar issues (if you don't keep them fed, look out!), and tend to think it's funny to disobey. 

I really love all my kids, and I'm lucky that the ones who look like Rophone are also hilarious, outgoing, charming, and tend to obey better later (like they got it all out of the way early on), but I find myself kinda hoping the kid looks like me. 

I'm 39. I need my sleep. 

P.S. And, just for the record-- they may look like Rophone, but I'm pretty sure they're acting like ME!


jww said...

:) Cute! I hope she completely surprises you by her pleasant temperament. I know what you mean about being 39 and needing your sleep! By the way, Kevin was 10 lb. when he was born so I'm just pleased that I kept all mine at 8 lb. 9 oz. or less.

carmar76 said...

Good luck w/ that sleeping thing! Might want to make sure you utilize your pillow to get extra sleep now! ; )

B said...

Well, my SMALLEST baby was 9 lbs., and the rest went up from there (biggest was 10 lb. 11 oz.), but they were all great sleepers. . .I always attributed their "fat stores" to their good, you never know! I certainly am hoping and wishing a sleeper for you!! Good luck!!