Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Favorites

This week has gone by fairly quickly, thank heavens. There really wasn't all that much going on, so my list may be short.

1. Although I wish that I could levitate the laundry up off the floor into my arms, I have managed to keep up with the washing and folding this week. (Until the girls finally deign to bring theirs up from their room, that is. But I'm going to live in an alternate upstairs-reality for now)

2. Big has been really pleasant for the most part the past few days. There has been less whining and tantrum throwing. We had a talk about how good it makes him feel inside when he's obedient-- I think he may have listened. 

3. Okay. This next one is HUGE. Monumental. I cut my toenails and shaved my legs this week. (Hey, if you could see how huge I am, you would agree with me. Monumental.)

4. Bud rubbed lotion on my lower legs and feet. Ahhhh.

5. I just drank a mug of the mocha hot cocoa that I got for Christmas. Heavenly.

6. I have been thinking today about how glad I am to be married to Rophone. Being married to him has allowed me to discover things about myself that I never would have known if I had married what I thought was my "type"-- like the fact that I love to sing, but much prefer doing it in a band rather than a choir, or the fact that not only do I like taking pictures, but that I might be really good at it if I tried. 

Rophone recognizes that I have a quirky, alternative, maybe even creative side and urges me not to quash it, but also embraces my classy, granddaughter-of-Dorothy side and my athletic and outdoorsy sides. He understands who I am, sees my potential and nurtures my growth. He believes I can do anything and helps me to start to believe it, too. 

So, obviously, Rophone makes the list of favorites. 

7. Ginger played in her first basketball game last Saturday and has another one tomorrow. It's great to see her play because I can tell she really enjoys it. I hope we can help her keep it up.

8. Rophone finished all his work by noon today, so he met me and the boys for a nummy Thai lunch and now we're just hanging out together, looking forward to a long weekend of doing more of the same. I love it when we can be together. 

Not such a short list after all.... 


jww said...

Another great list. I have so much sympathy for #3--I hated that part. I remember at the end just thinking, "I am not going to even TRY until I go into labor." My favorite is #6. Having a great husband like that is probably the best thing in the world.

carmar76 said...

what a nice tribute to your hubs! and also yay for thai! that's what i had for dinner. : )

mk said...

GREAT list. Love it. And we should get Thai food at that place we went to with Susie sometime! And I admire your marriage. It gives me hope that I can be even MORE in love with my husband in 12 years. :)

patti's place said...

It's always fun seeing what your Friday Favorites are! I love Thai food, too, but will have to wait a few months...what they have here is more like glorified Chinese.Love you!