Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Favorites

I almost forgot to do this. Thank goodness one of my faithful readers reminded me. 

1. Last weekend was fantastic. Because of Rophone's recent hospitalizations, he was excused from working Conference. For the first time in 5 years! Instead of Rophone being gone the whole weekend, working about 35 hours in the two days, we were all together. So much more relaxing and uplifting. 

2. On Saturday, we went and visited Rophone's grandma. She will be 105 this month. It has been far too long since we have gone to see her, so it was nice to say hello.  

3. Pen turned 13 on Sunday. (Another good thing about Rophone not having to work was that he was here to celebrate with us. He missed her birthday last year, so we are glad that he didn't have to miss it a second time.) I can't believe that we have a teenager in the house. Crazy!

4. Rophone and I stayed up far too late one night this week, talking of our hopes and dreams for the future. The staying up too late part wasn't the smartest, but I love that Rophone and I still enjoy talking so much. And our conversations always reaffirm the fact that we are on the same page and hope for the same things. A good thing to know.

5. Edith started clapping her hands together today. It's super cute.

6. We managed to find both Ginger and Pen some new Sunday shoes this week. Not an easy task. Ginger wears an 8 already (at age 10) and Pen wears an 11 (yes, an eleven!!). Somehow I have the feeling I'm going to be the shortest in my family. Anyway, I always feel a sense of relief when we get them outfitted.

7. I enjoy hanging out with my family. I'm glad we get to do things together as much as we do, and it's the weekend again. Hooray!


patti's place said...

Another good week. Love it!

carmar76 said...

yes, a lovely week! thanks for the conference link, i'd forgotten!

and it makes things so nice, enjoying hanging out w/ family! : )