Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Halk

Over the weekend we went on a hike. Well, sort of a hike. Because we're trying to keep Rophone from overdoing it, we went to a place where the paths were paved and not too strenuous. I guess that makes it more of a walk. But it wasn't just a walk, it was kind of a hike. Looks like it's time for me to coin a new term for the hike/walk. The Halk. 

It was a lot of fun, despite the fact that a few people there had brought their dogs and had them on those extend-o-leash things. Not good when you're on a path bordered on both sides by water and one of your kids is scared of dogs. Freaked out by dogs is more accurate. 

Because of this fear, Bud pretty much kept us moving at a frenzied pace, stopping only briefly to enjoy our surroundings before rushing on, looking around wildly as he went to be sure no dogs were getting too close. It was making me feel a bit anxious, too. And snippy. Sorry, kids, that I got a little ornery. All I wanted to do was take a few pictures and our spastic hiking halking style was making things difficult.

I mostly managed to take photos like this:

I tried a bunch of times to take a picture of the boys touching the freezing cold water, but Bud was afraid to pause for too long. 

I was able to snap a few shots along the way anyway, although Bud looks shifty-eyed or ready to run in a lot of them. He had to keep a worried eye out for dogs as he posed. Poor kid.

Wait, here's a good one. No dogs in sight!

We made the boys climb in a tree while one dog went by on the path. The distraction worked.

For a minute, anyway.

Then we went on our speedy way. Don't leave us behind, Bud!

Things were going swimmingly...

...until Bud inadvertently took a swim. Well, not a swim, really, but one of his siblings bumped him in. Having one foot and leg wet with freezing cold spring water didn't feel too good, I'd say. Just a guess. Poor kid.

Bud still managed to squish his way into the lead to maintain our pace, however.

Ginger obliged me and my request for a shot as we went. Thanks, Ginger. You look gorgeous.

Edith is a little outdoor girl and loved being out. Not that you can tell by her expression.

We all survived. Really. Even Bud had a little smile to give at the end of our halk. See?

It was just so nice. Getting out felt so good, and the drive up and back was beautiful. I am now going to add even more pictures to this post to prove it. Lucky you.

We hope to get out for a few more halks before it gets too cold. Hopefully we can find a more secluded place with no dogs the next time around. Yeah. That would be good.


carmar76 said...

you know i love your photos!

The Laundry Queen said...

Thanks, carmar!

patti's place said...

Glad you got out for a halk. It looks even prettier this week when you went.

jww said...

What a great outing!! (From my point of view, anyway!) Sorry about the water/dogs/etc. The pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

SassyMama said...

Great pictures!
We take the kids out on trails near our house. We call it hiking, but really it is halking:)