Saturday, October 22, 2011


I made myself some butternut squash soup for dinner tonight using the baby food maker. Talk about smooth. And nummy. I waited until the kids were in bed to make it because I wanted to be able to eat in peace. Imagine my non-surprise when, just as I sat down to enjoy my meal, Big walked out of his room and announced that he was too hungry to sleep. 

So, we sat at the table together and ate-- Big a banana and me my soup. He was enthralled by how effortlessly I crushed my crackers one handed above my bowl. 

Big: "That's amazing. How do you do that?" (he motions a cracker crushing motion above my bowl)

Me: "Magic."

Big: "It must be."

Me: "Yup." 

Big: "Do you think I'll be magic when I'm older?"

Me: "Probably."

Big: "Cool."

Then he finished his banana and I tucked him in. Sleep well, Big.


patti's place said...

You are pretty magical! Soups sounds delicious.

jww said...

CUTE!!! (I LOVE butternut squash soup. I want to come over.)

The Laundry Queen said...

You're welcome to come over anytime, jww!

Tamsen said...

Mmmm, yummy! That sounds so good. I'll have to wait until our high temps drop to the 70s or 80s :)