Monday, October 3, 2011

Family Fun

Things have been a little rough here over the past few months, what with Rophone being sick and all. Apparently word got around, and Friday we received a care package from one of Rophone's cousins, with instructions to have a ourselves a party with the contents because we deserve it. So, yesterday we did!

The box contained some silicone crown and robot cupcake molds (which are totally awesome, but we didn't use them for our party yesterday since I already had Pen's birthday cake planned out. I can't wait to bake Edith's one-year-old cake in one, though!) and some lunch bugs (not a typo) that the kids loved freaking their friends out with as they ate lunch at school today.

We used the other two items in the box to have a grand time. They really gave us a good laugh. I'm still laughing, in fact, every time I look at the pictures.

These cups were a hoot:

But I think the best part was the mustaches. Everyone was so excited to put them on, although for some what seemed fun in theory was actually a bit shocking in the application. 

We quickly recycled the gray mustache and slapped it on Rophone. Don't he and Edith look smashing?

I know this next picture is blurry, but I just love the way they are looking at each other. 

Look at the proud papa.

Everyone else was happy with their look, too.



and Wayne.

I got tired of the bad indoor lighting, so we headed outside for the family shots. By this time, Big had decided that maybe wearing a mustache might be fun after all. He reclaimed his gray mustache and joined in the party. I was so glad. 

And I just love how comfortable Edith was in her 'stache. She seemed awfully pleased with it. 

I have to admit, it does make her look terribly distinguished. 

After I took the family photo, I realized that I should have had a neighbor come and take a few pictures so I could be in it. Missed opportunity for a perfect Christmas card shot. See? 

After I took the pictures, I quickly donned my mustache so I could have some fun, too. Putting it on without the aid of a mirror was difficult, so I asked the family if I had it on okay. They said it was great. 


Rophone and I had to pose for a shot together, too. I hope our children forever remember us like this and that they don't have any nightmares from it. I'll start a therapy fund just in case. 

Thanks for the fun party, cousins! We needed it!


carmar76 said...

thumbs up! and you know you could just photoshop yourself into that family portrait for the christmas card! ; )

jww said...

What a GREAT idea for a care package. I love both the cups and the mustaches. So hilarious!!

Ashley, Clay, Eva, Beck, and Cash said...

This is hilarious! Love it!!!