Tuesday, October 4, 2011


It's time for us to fasten our seat belts. Pen turned 13 on Sunday, so we now have a teenager in the house! To say that I'm uneasy is probably a bit of an understatement. I've been wondering if the chaos will ensue quickly and in dramatic fashion like a sudden thunderstorm, or if it will be more like I'm a frog in a pot of water where the heat slowly gets turned up and I realize too late that I'm in big trouble. Guess we'll see.

It doesn't really help my peace of mind any that Pen is really pretty, looks old for her age, and I caught a college guy checking her out the other day. Thank goodness she's intimidating and thinks boys are dorks. 

We ate a fantastic breakfast to start the day. Pancakes with buttermilk syrup, cheesy scrambled eggs, and hash browns. Some good food fuel to start Pen's special day. We had our family fun party at lunch and then my folks and my sister, Auntie Art, and her family came to have dinner and party some more. I made Pen's requested dinner of potato chowder with cornbread (it rocked, if I do say so myself). It was perfect with the green salad brought by my sis. Big was dying the entire time, anxious to eat the cake. He tried to hurry everyone along. 

When Big found out that we were going to have Pen open gifts before we had cake and ice cream he decided he needed to expedite matters there, too. Sorry you felt so rushed with your gifts, Pen.

The first gift she opened was a set of boxed classics from Rophone's mom. A perfect gift for such a voracious reader. 

I think the All-Bran was the big hit of the night, though. 

Okay, so it was really a cute journal with owls on it disguised as fiber-licious cereal. She liked it, though. 

She also loved all of the clothes that came looking like Triscuit Minis, Wheat Thins and Ziploc bags. No, this isn't an advertisement. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, don't ya know? (Although, the Triscuit Minis are really good)

She really scored with a bag full of stuff from my sister and family. Pen looks excited, doesn't she?

The last gift she opened was a framed copy of this:

It's a picture of Pen's feet in their pointe shoes. I snapped it a few months ago and thought it might be a nice thing for her to have. I think she likes it.

Finally, after much impatience on Big's part, it was time for cake. 

Wow! I think that's the first time Pen has gotten all of her candles out with one blow. She really is growing up! At Pen's suggestion that we relight the candles so she could do it again, Big yelled a panicked "NO!". So, we just moved on to eating the cake (her favorite-- chocolate cake frosted with chocolate pudding). It was fantastic, just like the rest of the birthday celebration. 

Happy Birthday, Pen! We love you. 

Note: If this post seems rushed or disjointed, it's because Big is once again exhibiting extreme impatience. He wants me to show him pictures of dinosaurs on the computer. Dinosaurs eating each other, "since they don't have any pictures of them being silly with one another". I can wait longer than he can, apparently.


janeannechovy said...

Impressive birthday haul! Looks like a great day. Happy Birthday, Pen!

jww said...

What a great birthday. I love your tradition of the used boxes. Funny every time. I hope you have a bat to hit college guys with. You kept your composure well, I have to say. I would have yelled, "She is TWELVE, old man!!" But she IS gorgeous. Don't worry too much about the ride. In my experience, those who are born teenagers (and you know the one I'M talking about), they just stay teenagers when they hit actually Teendom. I found that mine has actually mellowed just a tad. Great birthday! Happy day!

patti's place said...

It was a great celebration!On to bigger and better "teen" things, eh? The fourth teenager in our grand family.

jww said...

*hit ACTUAL* Teendom...

The Laundry Queen said...

You're right, jww! I've been living with a teenager all along when it comes to Pen. It's that red-headed Ginger I should probably be worried about...

carmar76 said...

LOL Big is a riot! Glad that Pen had such a great birthday & that the cake was a hit. : ) Also, you've given me an idea to create a picture of dinosaurs having a tea party... that would be nice, don'tchya think? LOL