Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Favorites

Let's see.... I don't know why some weeks are so much harder to remember than others. Okay, they're all hard. My memory stinks. I keep telling myself I need to make notes as the week progresses so I don't forget things, but then I forget to do it. Go figure.

1. On Saturday we went to the final band gig of one of Rophone's buddies. They've been playing together for something like 17 years and it kind of ran its course. I hung outside with Edith and everyone else donned earplugs and went inside. Big loved every minute of it and is now more sure than ever that he wants to be a drummer in a band.

2. After the gig we went to the store and picked up a bunch of organic fruits and veggies. Num! Have I mentioned that I'm a baby-food-making fiend? 

3. Sunday, we went to visit Rophone's grandma to give her a card for her birthday. She turned 105 on Tuesday. Crazy cool.

4. We also went to Rophone's dad's house for dinner on Sunday. It was a lot of fun and Edith really bonded with her grandma and grandpa.

5. The pumpkins are all carved and I took some photos of them all lit up tonight. I really love seeing them. They make me feel all festive and Halloweeny. I'll post pictures of them along with all the other Halloween stuff after I take pictures of the kids in their costumes on Monday. 

6. Edith turned 8 months old yesterday. Crazy.

7. Ginger made some chocolate chip muffins all by herself this afternoon. They turned out great and will make a fun and fast breakfast treat tomorrow morning (since we have to go clean the church at 8 am).

I think that's pretty much it. It's quite possible that I'll remember something else later. If I remember to think about it, that is.


patti's place said...

Sounds like a great week. I think we need some bonding time over here.

The Laundry Queen said...

You know how to get ahold of us.

jww said...

Really cool! 105?!? That's amazing! Great that Ginger baked something on her own. Seriously, she & Belinda need to get together. Even though the band has "run its course," I think it's a cool thing to do/have done, and I think it's cool the whole family could participate and enjoy it like that.