Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Raspberry Breakfast

The blowing of raspberries has made a resurgence around here, probably because Edith has learned a new technique. Instead of keeping her cheeks tight, she has learned to let them fill with air and puff out. So much fun. It can make feeding Edith a bit of a challenge at times, though. And it can definitely get messy.

"It's like I have a compulsion, Mom. I can't seem to help myself."

"Seriously. Do you know how I can stop?"

"I'm really hungry and I'd like to keep more of this food in my mouth."

"Oh, no! I feel the urge coming on..."


"I just can't fight it anymore."

"Here we go again!"

"Whoa. I am so out of breath!"

"Okay, one more with the cheeks puffed out. You'll be impressed with this one. Do you think it makes my nose look smaller?"

"I need help. Do you think they have a 12 step program for this? I just feel so ashamed of my addiction."

We'll see what we can do, Edith. 

**Photos posted in the order they were taken, Edith told me what to write. 


jww said...

Hilarious. Messy, yes, but makes for very cute pictures.

carmar76 said...

she looks good in a sweet potato goatee! : )

patti's place said...

She seems to be enjoying the whole experience, however. Maybe we'll get a personal view of it one of these days.