Monday, February 20, 2012

The Artist

We have always known that Bud is an artist. Practically from birth he has loved to look at patterns and feel textures. I am in the process of setting up an art center and he couldn't be happier. Last week Bud finished up taking a 5 week long art class offered through the city. Based on the resulting projects and the joy on his face and in his demeanor, it's clear that we need to sign him up again. 

I took some pictures of a few of his completed works of art. I love them all and I'm so excited about all of the different mediums he got to use-- watercolors, tempura paints, oil pastels, clay (both hand-building and wheel), crayons....

I think this next one is one of my favorites. I have it hanging on a ginormous blank wall in our entryway. I've always wanted a huge statement piece there to wow people right when they walk in the door. Well, now I've got it. It's bright and colorful and just perfect. (Ignore the fact that it looks like Bud's self-portrait has a fatal wound to the jugular-- the teacher hung it up before it was quite dry.)

I also love these clay pieces that Bud made. I can't believe how well he threw the two bowls on the wheel. He did them all by himself with no help from the teacher. Those of you who have worked with a pottery wheel before know how impressive that could be considered for a 6 year old. I'm pretty sure he's better than me (not that that's saying much). I told Bud I love them and asked if I could have them for display, but he told me 'no'. I guess he loves them, too. 

I can't wait to decide which of Bud's artwork I'm going to frame and can't wait for him to take the class again so I can hopefully get him to let me have a few things. You're a great artist, Bud and I'm glad you've found something you love to do so much. I love you!


janeannechovy said...

Super cool. I will be sure to show these to the Wizard. XO

patti's place said...

I love his enthusiasm; he's feeling so good about his efforts and your support is great.