Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday Favorites

1. After Ginger's game last Saturday (they won!) we went to the big city as a family. We got Edith a new sheet for her crib and managed to find a second bunny sleeping toy for her, too (just in case something happens to the first). Edith really loves her bunny (or, Bunby, as she calls it), so I'm glad we could get a backup. Not that she thinks they're the same, but in an emergency she might forgive it. The main reason we made the trip was to go to Whole Foods. We got some fabulous produce and other groceries to take home. Num.

2. Sunday, I made some chicken and dumpling soup. But instead of chicken I added veggies. It was my first try, but it must have been successful since Ginger took it in her lunch the next day and then asked me tonight when we could have it again. 

3. Big started basketball this week. Heaven. That's where this boy was while he was there. It made him so happy to finally get to play in a somewhat organized fashion. I say somewhat organized, because these are 4 and 5 year olds we're talking about here. At this age they just kind of learn skills by doing a bunch of activities at different stations. Big was bummed at first that they wouldn't be playing games, but when we told him it's just like basketball practice that the pros do he was fine. More than fine. He loves it. It was fun to hear him tell me about what he did while he was there, and he loves the time with his dad. Thanks for taking him, Rophone!

4. This winter has been declared by me to be 'The Winter of Soup' and I'm loving it. Along with the chicken and dumpling soup from Sunday, I also made butternut squash curry soup and cauliflower soup this week. They were all fabulous. I think so, anyway. I love having leftover soup for lunch. I did it today and will do it again tomorrow. And then I'm going to make another soup on Sunday. 'The Winter of Soup' rocks!

5. The reason I made the butternut squash and cauliflower soups this week was for Ginger's  family birthday party. Ginger turned 11 yesterday! Definitely a favorite. She got to have a bowling party with some friends today, too. I really enjoyed seeing Ginger interact with her friends at the bowling alley. I think she had a great time.

6. I was really proud of the decorations I pulled together for Ginger's birthday (with Rophone's help). I guess you could say my efforts at birthday decorating usually err a little too much on the understated side, so I was glad when Ginger came in the room yesterday morning and what I had done elicited a gasp of surprise and delight. And, yes, I'll post pictures when I write about Ginger's party later this weekend.

7. While I was with Ginger at her bowling birthday party, something grand happened-- Bud learned to ride a two-wheeler! We tried to teach him last summer, but the lack of control Bud felt he had over the process made him anxious. So, we got Bud a balance bike in November (it was originally going to be for Christmas, but with the mild weather we were having we wanted him to be able to take advantage of it so we changed plans) and he has been practicing on the driveway and even in the yard. I knew he was comfortable when I caught him riding it cross-country through the bushes. 

Balance bikes are the best! With his balance bike, Bud was able to figure out the balancing thing completely on his own, and since he was in total control there was no anxiety. It really took him no time at all. So, Friday, when Rophone finally got the tires on his regular bike pumped up again, he just hopped on and took off riding. No drama or anything. Just perfect. Bud looks like he's been doing it for ages. He's having such a blast.

8. Rophone and I went on a little date tonight after the younger kids were in bed. I sure do love me some time with my honey. 

It's been a long week but a good one. Can't wait to see what next week brings!


patti's place said...

The soup was great! I love soup, too. And the party was fun, too!

carmar76 said...

mmm...soup! one day i will buy a food processor so i can make my own soup. ooh, taxmas is coming up... lol

can't wait to see the fun party pics!

Laura said...

Your soups sound delicious! I heart soups.

Looking forward to seeing the party photos :-)

jww said...

Same here. I *love* soup!! I, too, am on the understated side of decorating for parties. I bet my kids would flip over crepe paper or one balloon. Can't wait to see Ginger's party--sounds like fun.