Friday, February 10, 2012

Eleven, or So

It has taken me a week to get to writing this post about Ginger's birthday. It's all my fault, really. I forgot to take my camera to the bowling alley for her friend birthday party (insert gasp here), so I had to wait for the bowling alley folks to send me the photo they snapped. I was a really dismal picture taker this year. I didn't get many pictures of the festivities on her actual birthday day, and then missed all the fun dancing and bowling pictures of Ginger with her friends at her bowling party. Lame, I know. 

It was a really fun birthday, though. I don't think Ginger has much to complain about. Well, except for the lack of pictures to document it...  I usually err on the understated side when it comes to decorations, but this year I decided to mend my ways. Not having to plan a party helped. Plus, I'm in love with Pinterest-- it has given me crafty powers! (Not crafty as in sly, of course, although it's entirely possible that I am a little of that, too.) My name is Crafty Crafterson, and I am a stellar craft (and decorating!) copier! 

When I say that I err on the understated side when it comes to decorations, I'm not kidding. What I did this year wasn't even anything too grand, but it was sufficient to elicit an actual gasp from Ginger as she entered the room on her birthday morning. I must admit that I gained enough satisfaction from her reaction to want to do it again for our next party. I might even go grander. (Rein yourself in, Ms. Crafterson!)

It looks a little weird in the kitchen without the chairs around the table, but they were playing the role of a big rig in the family room. See?

A few years ago my sister made us the great banners from some old fabric scraps, so it's easy to decorate for parties. I love them, but I'm glad I added a little more this year. Hey! There's my prom dress!

Ginger requested her favorite curried butternut squash soup for dinner, so I made it. What a nice mom I am. And since we had a bunch of family coming over, I whipped up some cauliflower soup, too. With some green salad and crusty bread on the side it was all mighty tasty.

The opening of presents is always a highlight-- especially for the person whose birthday it is. 

This next photo is a little odd, but I swear Ginger has actual fingers on her left hand and not just little stubs. 

This next card contains a 'coupon' for some new sneakers. She can't seem to stop growing.

She really did like this next gift. It was the pictures that she didn't particularly like, I think.

I kind of failed once again when it comes to taking pictures of the whole cake thing. I got just a few of her blowing out the candles...

...and completely forgot to take a picture of the cake when it was cut. It may look like a perfectly, boringly ordinary cake, but I once again got a surprised and delighted gasp out of Ginger when she saw that one layer of the cake was pink and one purple. I love surprising people. 

On friday Ginger celebrated at the bowling alley with a few of her friends. They had a blast. The girls got to request their favorite songs to be played as they bowled so they had fun dancing, singing and bowling (I was so proud to be Ginger's mother when her friends were requesting David Archuleta and some Hamster Dance song thing, but Ginger was requesting songs by Heart and Them Crooked Vultures. Way to go, Ginger!) With cake pops and soda to enjoy as they bowled, it really was a fun party. 

Here's the picture of Ginger and her friends that the nice hostess at the bowling alley snapped:

Happy Birthday, Ginger! Hope you love Eleven!


carmar76 said...

what a fun birthday! and "crafty crafterson" LOL that is a good one!

patti's place said...

It was a fun birthday and glad we could come!