Thursday, February 23, 2012

Word Art

When we were trying to figure out Pen's schedule for this semester we found that the class she really wanted to take didn't fit into her available slots so, on a whim, she signed up for an Illustration and Design course. After seeing her latest project, I'm thinking it's a good thing. A really good thing.

I love how she used words. It took me a moment to realize that even the mouse and cheese are words. So neat. I'm hoping to be able to frame it, but Pen thinks the teacher may use it for her example portfolio. I wouldn't be surprised. 

Way cool, Pen. 


patti's place said...

Such talented grandchildren we have! Way to go Pen!

John R said...

I really love it!!! Very clever!! I found all the words right away, I think. (WALL, BASEBOARD, HOLE, MOUSE, CHEESE, TILE).

carmar76 said...

the mouse took me a minute. that is really neat! thumbs up to your artistic & creative offspring!! :D

jww said...

That is AMAZING!!!! Way to go! That is so neat. So creative. Wow. (I hope you get to frame it!!!)