Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Letter

To the Gods and Goddesses in charge of vacations and getaways:

I don't know whose 'funny' idea it was to answer my plea for a short vacation from my mothering duties in such a way. Making me too sick  to complete my mothering duties isn't what I had in mind. As you well know, being sick made me unable to enjoy my 'time away' the way I had in mind. Not only that, but I still had to nurse the baby and help make a Valentine's box. 

I get your point. You're letting me know that I should just be grateful that I am generally in good enough health to do the things my kids need me to do. That I should appreciate the fact that every single day isn't as hard as today. Okay, I understand. 

I don't want to burn any bridges here, but I'm writing this letter to let you know it sucked. Rocks. I'm not willing to count this at all, no matter the fact that I got to get out of a lot of my normal duties. I still expect my getaway and I expect it to be a doozie (in a good way). 

Thank you.


CarrieMarie said...

agh, being sick does suck! hope you are feeling better. *HUGS*

Melody Joy Fields said...

I'm planning a week off this spring or summer. I'm thinking about hiking (part of) the Wonderland Trail around Mt. Raineer. You're welcome to join me!Feel better.

The Laundry Queen said...

Sounds heavenly, Melody.

jww said...

Oh, that's rotten!! So disappointing. I hope you do get it after all!!

(I LOVE Mt. Rainier!)