Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Favorites

1. I posted about this already, but on Saturday morning I got to see what Big's been up to at basketball. Fantastic.

2. We went as a family on Saturday afternoon to try to find some amazing deals on some clothes the kids needed. Pretty much a bust, but it was fun anyway. We went to the grocery store and purchased a load of fantastic fruits and veggies, too. I love to see my fridge stocked with the good stuff.

3. I ended up getting really sick on Sunday (no, not a favorite) which lasted several days, but I was still able to help the kids with their Valentines and Valentine's boxes. I'm glad I was a tough cookie because the kids were really happy with what we came up with. Ginger's birthday cake Valentine's box even won 1st place in the contest held by her fifth grade class. Woohoo!

And, yes, of course I copied someone else's idea for the Valentines. The boxes on the other hand? They were all me. And the kids, of course. I constructed Bud's and for Ginger's I cut the hole in the top and did some of the more difficult hot-gluing. I think they both did a great job decorating the boxes and bringing them to life. 

4. Nothing else to report about Valentine's Day, unfortunately. Mike and I were both sick so even the kids didn't get anything this year. But my favorite part about that is apparently they didn't need anything. They reassured us that they know we love them and that's all they need. Big did say he wants our love and a cherry picker, though. 

Edith's crying. Gotta go. Pray for teeth!


carmar76 said...

those boxes are NEAT - and the valentines, too! pictures w/ lollies - i must remember that for leyton. : ) i'm glad you posted this in time for me to read it before bed! : )

patti's place said...

I appreciate your words and sense of humor through it all.

janeannechovy said...

Crafty Crafterson indeed! And did you manage to get sick without your kids getting sick, too? Hooray for hygeine! Hope you're all better now.

The Laundry Queen said...

Well, janeannechovy, Pen got it first last Thursday and then me on Sunday and Mike on Monday. Edith has a fever right now and a rash all over her legs, but her top teeth are about to pop through and she doesn't seem to have any of the same intestinal troubles so I'm not sure what's what. I hope the other kids don't get it, as whatever it was made me feel like I'd been bludgeoned with a baseball bat. Fun stuff.