Friday, July 11, 2008

Bud's Back

Just to let you know, the pediatric orthopedist finally called with the results of Bud's MRI.  He says there is a little fluid in his spine at the center of the curve, but he doesn't think it's enough to cause a problem. He is having Bud visit a pediatric neurosurgeon, however, just to make sure he's right. This may mean a repeat MRI if the neurosurgeon deems it necessary.

It looks like Bud will probably have to have x-rays every 6 months for a while to monitor the progress of his spine as he grows, at the very least. I'll let you know what I learn from the neurosurgeon after that appointment takes place.  


Holly said...

hope all is well- good luck! are you going to primary's? they're awesome there. keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

That's a lot of x-rays for a little kid--aren't they at all concerned about subjecting him to so much juice? Just wondering.