Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ever Elusive Sleep

I seem to always be tired. Sometimes I begin to wonder if there is something wrong with me. Admittedly, I am not the best sleeper in general, but it is a night like I had last night that reminds me of why I might feel a bit pooped.

Big is getting his molars and hasn't been sleeping well. So, when he awakened at 2 am with his mouth hurting, I ended up having to nurse him to get him to want to go back to sleep. Twenty minutes gone (not counting the minutes of moaning I listened to before actually going into his room). 

Then, at about 4:15 am Bud started calling out. I sent Rophone in to see what he needed, but apparently only Mom would do. So, I went in and asked Bud what he needed and he replied, "I want lunch!" I forgot that he hadn't eaten a good dinner (usually when this occurs I offer a snack before bed), and I could tell his hungry tummy wasn't going to allow him to fall back asleep. I wasn't about to take him into the bright kitchen and wake him up even more, so I fed him a yogurt in the dark (making most of it into his mouth, I think). Another 20 minutes gone (this is not counting the amount of time it took me to fall back asleep due to Rophone's snoring).

At least, I thought, the boys will probably sleep in because of the lack of sleep we shared, right? Noooo! Bud awakened at 6 am, although went back to sleep when we explained that it was not yet morning, thank goodness (not technically a lie, is it? I think morning should start when I want to be awake, not when they think I should be!). When Big woke up at 7am, I tried to explain the same thing to him, but no go. He looked at me like I was crazy.

I'm not crazy yet (most days), but if this keeps up it might not take me too long!     

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