Sunday, July 6, 2008

Family Reunion

We just returned from my family reunion. I'd love to say that I had a fantastic time.... It seems that I have a few things to work on (like I didn't know that!), including a hump on my back, apparently. 

I decided that the most important thing to accomplish this reunion was to make sure that the kids had a good time. Pen, Ginger and Bud voted (Big abstained due to sleep) and unanimously agreed that they had a blast. So, mission accomplished. Here are just shy of a gazillion photos (I snapped many gazillions) of the kids enjoying themselves.

Ginger, watching her cousins:

The Wizard, walking the curb:

Ginger and The Genealogist (The Genealogist (6), the child of my brother Rib and his wife Aunt Jazz Hands, is a complete whiz at familial relationships):

Captain Tornado (younger brother of The Genealogist), waiting for help with the monkey bars:

Miss Pea, caught unawares, therefore no unicorn horn needed:

Pen, in the pool (a real life saver since the house we were staying in was not air conditioned):

Bud, cooling off:

More of The Genealogist:

Cindy Lou, eating grass again (maybe something's lacking in her diet?):

Newton--or is that Jeff Spicoli from "Fast Times at Ridgemont High"?: 

George (younger brother of The Genealogist and Captain Tornado), enjoying the water:

The lack of sleep finally caught up with Big and he developed a temporary fear of the water:

This is a photo of my niece, Belle. I can't believe she just turned 16! She is the older sister of Rico, Rib II and Miss Pea

I think that, overall, all of the kids had a great time. Hopefully they developed some great "cousins" memories like the ones that I have.

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Pete Pages said...

Cute photos! Love the names, especially explains why my house looks the way it does! Hope you enjoyed a GREAT night's sleep last night.