Friday, July 25, 2008

Softball Farmers Ferrying Animals

For the first few days of our vacation, we made a visit to my cousin, Herbie. I have been meaning to visit him and his family for years, and am glad we finally were able to do so. We had a blast, and the kids are already pressing me to tell them when we will be able to return.

We did a lot of fun things in just a few days:
  • Rophone temporarily joined Herbie's softball team to save them from having to forfeit their interfaith league game.
  • We went to the farmer's market where we ate lunch, listened to live music and visited the Sound (it's so nice to see a few women with unshaven legs again--man, I missed the Northwest!)
  • We took a ride on a ferry (check back later for photos!)
  • We visited Lattin's Country Cider Mill and Farm where we saw animals and ate their fresh apple fritters.
We packed more fun activities into 2 days than Rophone and I usually have the motivation to do with our kids in a year, so I'd say it is a good start to the vacation (especially for them--I'm finding that I may be getting old). 

Here's Herbie (he's a dentist, you know, but I don't think he's worked on any Abominable Snowmen--I will post a picture of his wife, Cat, later):

Here is the Divine Miss M (2)--she can be just a bit of a drama queen (love it!):

Posy (6), doing her thing:

Tally (8), thinking maybe I'm a bit odd, I'm sure (she's most likely right!):

Ducky (10), pitifully outnumbered by girls (sorry!):

Big, in pure heaven:

Ginger, at the Sound, just after eating a sno-cone the size of her head (admittedly, her head is a little pea-like in size, but it was still huge for a sno-cone!)

Headache, Pen?

Big has fine taste in girls (he likes them older apparently). Here he is taking the Divine Miss M for a ride:

Bud is having a complete blast on his first vacation as a "big boy":

Wood chip, anyone? Everything at my sister Martha's house is gourmet, you know!

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Becki said...

I miss the NW, too. I haven't been back for a visit at all (since we moved away 6 years ago!) It is on the schedule for next summer. The photo of Big with his cousin is so cute. I love his scrunched-nose smile.