Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Day

Today was my birthday, and it was great. Rophone is good at making me feel special--he just knows me so well. We started out the morning with some chocolate muffin (I restrained myself and only ate half!) with fresh peaches and raspberries. I felt a little less guilty about the muffin because of the fresh fruit (you know, the whole canceling each other out thing).

After breakfast, I relaxed, did more to get ready for the trip, made indoor s'mores with the girls while the boys ran errands, etc. Then, just before lunch, it was present time. I was shocked at what I got, but not so much that I'll insist it gets taken back or anything.

Rophone got me a new bike...with shocks! My current bicycle is a vintage Specialized Hard Rock Sport, circa 1991. It weighs a ton...and no shocks. I also received a bike trailer to haul the boys in (and new helmets for them, too--I know it's crazy, but their heads seem to grow along with their bodies!). We went for a quick spin around the neighborhood before lunch and had a great time. Rophone knows how frustrated I have been that all of my chosen fitness options don't seem to be an option these days, so he got me the bike to help alleviate the fitness frustration. Thanks, hon! 

Here is the bike:

In the afternoon, my sister, Martha (and family) arrived with my mom in tow to help celebrate. We hung out while the kids played and ordered some delicious chinese take-out from down the street. After dinner was the dessert. I'm not usually a big fan of sweets, but this time I could not wait! Bud picked out my ice cream cake and he was sooo excited for me to see it. Not that I didn't already know what it looked like, since it's the 3rd time we've had it. My cake is the same that we ordered for Bud's second birthday, and then Bud has since chosen it for Rophone's last birthday and now for mine, too. I have a feeling I may be eating it a few more times.

The coolest cake ever:  

I had a great birthday! Thanks to all of you who sent or gave me good birthday wishes--they worked!


Lisa Marie said...

Fun, fun! Glad you had a spectacular b-day :)

Lisa Marie said...

Oh, yay- I'd be great to see you. We'll have to throw together a little bbq (if you have that much time to spare) for the day you come visit, and all of the kids can run around and play while we visit.

Becki said...

Wonderful! Jake surprised me with a bike for my birthday a couple of months ago. I love it and can ride with the kids now. You will have fun.

LisaFisa said...

That's so funny. . . my bike is a Specialized Rock Hopper from 1991 too! Happy biking with your boys. So fun!