Monday, July 14, 2008

Ice Cream

Tonight, for FHE treat, we enjoyed some ice cream cones. We had to avoid them for a while because Bud would "fake lick" them and we'd have a big mess as his cone melted. Now, he does much better--some of the ice cream actually makes it in his belly! Big thinks ice cream is only okay, so he didn't have any. I'll have to take some pictures of him later (like there's any doubt of that!)

Here's Bud actually eating his cone:

Ginger was doing great with her cone....

...until the ice cream manners she inherited from Rophone made their appearance (he used to do the same thing with his cone, apparently):

Pen eats her ice cream really fast, just like her Grandma P. Here she is eyeing Rophone's cone, hoping for more:

Laughing at the only joke I know (from Sesame Street-- "Why did the cookie go to the doctor?" --"He was feeling CRUMBY!"). Now it's funny because it's the only one I tell.

I should have taken pictures of Big downing the fries--he really attacks them with gusto. At least I got him to eat some plum and garden veggies before he went crazy on them. He seems to have Rophone's junk food genes.

I picked out my new specs today (with Auntie Art's help--thanks!). I hope they get here before we leave on vacation! I'll let Rophone take a picture of me when they arrive so you can all see the new me (I know it's hard to wait, but just reign yourselves in!).


Pete Pages said...

We had ice cream cones last night as well. Hewie is finally able to eat them and not just let them melt all over--it's nice isn't it? Our lesson for FHE was on table manners...for the kids and their father too :-)

Lisa Marie said...

Bud only getting SOME of it into his tummy, and Big wasn't even interested??!! Goodness- my kids jump at the opportunity to down some ice cream. I am amazed that none of them seem to have experienced an "ice cream headache" yet!