Wednesday, July 16, 2008

No Collagen Needed

Right now, Big is in the real clumsy stage that all new walkers go through. He has more confidence than skill at this point (what starts out as a nice leisurely walk often ends up as a less than controlled run--straight at the fireplace hearth! EEk!). It doesn't help that his obsession with balls makes them impossible to keep picked up and out of the way. They are often the cause of his drunken (looking) meanderings.

Yesterday, Big biffed it on the hardwood, leaving his mouth a bloody mess. The inside of his lip looks like hamburger, and he shredded the little thingie that attaches his upper lip to his gum (I'm sure it has a name!). The result is that his normally quite thin upper lip looks like it has been subject to some rather poorly done collagen injections. Poor kid!

The picture just doesn't do the lip justice. It is bigger than it looks, and is much purpler than it appears here:

He kept sucking on his lip, like fat-lipped boys do, to try to soothe it and, I'm sure, because it felt so weird. 

In other health news, the neurosurgeon has determined that there is nothing further that needs to be done for Bud's spine right now, so just repeat x-rays in 6 months!

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LisaFisa said...

Whew - glad to hear that the neurosurgeon thinks things are OK, and just to keep an eye on things every 6 months. Of course, any little thing sure makes a mom worry. Yikes - poor Big's lip. I always hated those goose-eggs my kids would get when they'd fall flat on their faces/heads. Can't wait to see the glasses.