Sunday, December 7, 2008

7 Things Tag

It seems that I have been tagged. It requires a bit more brain power than I have at the moment, but I'll give it a shot. 

7 things I can do...

1. Cook
2. Eat things I cook
3. Sing
4. Be on time
5. Pack quickly
6. Use lots of tape when I wrap gifts
7. Talk very fast

7 things I can't do...

1. Sleep in
2. Lead music
3. Count my gray hairs
4. Have a conversation without interrupting (Sorry!)
5. The splits
6. Eat lots of sweets
7. Relax completely

7 things I like to eat...

1. Steamed vegetables with butter, salt and pepper
2. Bajio vegetarian ensalada
3. Bread
4. My Potato chowder
5. My Pot pie
6. Crackers and cheese with pickles
7. Chocolate Milk (I KNOW it's a drink-- be flexible!)

7 things I always say...

1. I'm sorry
2. I'm tired
3. I used to say, "I'm all muzzy headed", but then I got glasses! ; )
4. Crap!
5. I love you
6. Stop talking/singing/playing and go to sleep!
7. I ate too much

I tag janeannechovy, Lima, Mister, Jen, Anne, Babs and Tamsen! 

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