Saturday, December 27, 2008


The 3 older kids spent some time outside today, even though it was freezing cold out. I felt bad that Big couldn't enjoy the snow too, but it's too deep for him to walk in. He ends up just standing in one place, completely stuck. So, Rophone took Big to run errands to keep him occupied. 

I went outside to take some pictures (of course), and found Ginger happily eating snow...

...until I told her that it's not as clean as it looks.

But she decided to continue eating it anyway.

Here's Bud, looking a little cold:

Pen spent her time making "snowburst art" on the street by throwing snowballs from different angles and seeing the fun patterns she could create.

I suggested going inside for some hot chocolate with marshmallows and was rewarded with a smile.

I am really enjoying the snow this year, and I'm glad we keep getting storms to keep it fresh and white. It's helping combat the usual winter doldrums that I experience around here-- when there's no snow I begin to feel rather like I'm stuck in a brown cardboard box... yuck. So, keep the snow coming! 

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jwise said...

Beautiful pictures! And, yes, the fresh kind is the best. Our accumulation turned slushy and dirty, but is finally melting away. I was surprised at how much I missed the grass! (And in the Pacific NW, as you know, it's still actually green!)