Thursday, December 11, 2008

Left to Their Own Devices

I decided to brave getting in the shower this morning, thus leaving the 2 boys to their own devices. It's something I do on a regular basis, but this morning the boys were both on the ornery side so it made it a bit more of a risky proposition. But, I did it anyway. (I mean, I gave Bud strict instructions to watch his brother! He's 3 1/2-- it's high time he learned some responsibility!)

This is what I heard through the bathroom door as I turned off the water:

Bud: "Mom, Big hurt his head!"

Me: "He did?" (Big wasn't crying, just whining a bit-- so I wasn't too concerned) "How did he hurt it?"

Bud: "He hit his head on the kitchen tile!"

Me: (drying off) "Is he going to be okay?"

Bud: "No!"

Me: (still drying off) "He isn't? Why not, is it bleeding?"

Bud: "Yes!"

Me: (drying off a little faster) "Really?!"

Bud: "Yes, here on the side."

Me: "Okay, I'll be right out!"

Bud: (says to Big) "Don't worry Big, the blood will dry, it will dry. Does it hurt when I move it?"  (I wish I could have seen how he was moving Big's head around to test it out)

So, I open the door and see...... absolutely nothing. Wait, now I see a little bump on his forehead and, if I squint, I can see an old, mostly healed, little (and I mean teeny) scratch on the side of Big's head. It has a bit of a scab on it, so that must be the blood Bud was referring to. Reassured, I again shut the door to get dressed, etc. 

Through the door, I hear Bud say to Big:

"I'm really sorry this happened to you, Big. REALLY sorry."

How sweet.  


jwise said...

That is a funny & sweet story! All moms know: taking a shower with kids at home is always very, very risky!

Becki said...

Super funny. The TV is a great shower-time babysitter for me.

Lisa Marie said...

Taking showers when you have little kids is a bit like Christmas (in the way of surprise and anticipation), I think. Well, it would be if Christmas were a bit more like "The Nightmare Before Christmas" where you awake to the horrifying gifts Jack Skeleton has left you....