Thursday, December 4, 2008

Elving Around

The kids pretended to be Elves tonight. They all had Elf names and Elf jobs. Poor Big didn't seem to like where Elf management placed him. He was assigned the task of putting holes in whiffle balls. I could tell he wanted one of the more high profile Elf jobs like decorating Santa's tree or toy assembly. I tried to explain to Big about job seniority, I mean, he is the youngest Elf after all, but he still seemed to be disgruntled. Poor Big! I hope he doesn't go postal.

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Lisa Marie said...

Well, I'm with Big. It should all be about performance and ability, not seniority. I mean, putting holes in wiffle balls? Big is so buff, poking holes is just too darn easy. He just wants more of a challenge.