Thursday, December 25, 2008

Eve Celebration

Yesterday, Christmas Eve, we spent the afternoon and evening at my folks' house. My brother, Rib, and his family were there, so the company was great. Add in some good food... it's hard to go wrong! 

It's a family tradition to do a live reenactment of the nativity on Christmas Eve so that we'll keep in mind what the season is truly about. In the old days, we used to scramble around the house finding whatever we thought would work to create the costumes. These days, my mom has taken the time to make costumes-- it's a little less creative, but a lot easier to tell who and what people are supposed to be. 

Here is Bud as a Wise Man in two different headpieces-- one big, one small (thus the tilting of the head in the first picture to keep it from falling over his eyes):

Here is Big, wearing the same large Wise Man head piece, about to take it off:

Angel Ginger, bringing good tidings:

Pen, as Mary, with cousin George playing the part of Baby Jesus:

My brother, Rib, as a Wise Man, with his son, The Genealogist, playing the part of Joseph:

George with Aunt Jazz Hands, another Wise Man:

Captain Tornado made one happy (and cute!) shepherd:

We had a great evening with family sharing the joy and love of the season! I hope you have all had as much fun as we have!


Jen said...

I love seeing everyone else's version of the Nativity, I'll have to commission your mom to make us some costumes.

Patti said...

It was a fun evening...and I loved the singing, too! Mom

jwise said...

Those are great pictures! I bet it was a great time. We did something similar, but it would have been way better with more people. Love the costumes your mom did!