Saturday, May 31, 2008

Big Can Drive!

The 3 older kids played with Play Doh today during Big's nap.  It was supposed to keep them fairly quiet so Big could nap undisturbed, but Bud is used to doing it by himself while the girls are in school and so had a hard time sharing some of the cool stuff.  Hopefully it will get better.  If only my kids were darker skinned (Ginger in particular), then I could just send them out all the day long.

One of Bud's creations was this awesome giraffe:

After I took the picture, he noticed (and was mortified by his faux pas, I might add) that he had put the snout in the wrong place.  He quickly fixed it, but too bad for him I already had the cute picture in the can.  I wish he would have let me photograph his elephant--it was great!

Big had his first truck-cart experience today.  I wish you all could have seen it!  I was afraid he'd give himself whiplash from all his excitement.  It was really funny watching him drive--you'd think he had been watching Rophone drive rather than facing backward looking at where we'd been.  He drove with one arm on the window frame and the other hand on the wheel, just like his dad.  Big's posture was even the same!  It must be in the genes, because we haven't even put his car seat in a forward-facing position yet.

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