Saturday, May 24, 2008

"The Talk"

I have taken a few days off blogging.  I look at how much more frequently I blog compared to those I know and realize that maybe it looks like I have no life. Well, I'll admit it.  I have no life at the moment, and you get to share it with me.  Aren't you lucky?!

Last Sunday, Rophone and I sat the girls down for "The Talk".  Pen is 9 1/2 and will be in 5th grade next year, so it's about time.  At 7 years old Ginger is maybe a little young, but we figured that Pen would share what she learned later anyway.  

As the girls moved close for our conversation, I noticed that Pen was in need of (insert gasp here) deodorant!  It appears that our timing was very fortuitous.  "The Talk" went pretty much as expected-- with Ginger giggling and saying how funny it all was, and Pen cringing, wrinkling her nose and saying "ew".  It was all Rophone and I could do not to laugh. We tried to keep it casual and let the girls know that it was something they should feel free to ask questions about and talk about, but I'm not sure that Pen believed us.

Since no one as of yet has volunteered to tutor me in Girl, I fear a crash course is in my future. I am determined to survive. 

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