Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Photo Happy

Yesterday was a beautiful day.  We went out in the yard as a whole family for our FHE activity.  I put my small telephoto lens on and sat in the grass and snapped pictures (mostly) unnoticed.  I was laughing at Pen because she was holding poses all over the yard hoping that it would be a camera worthy shot (Pen sniffing at a dandelion, Pen gazing at the sky with wonder, etc).

Big had the least fun of anyone.  At first we put him directly on the grass, and watching him try to balance without any skin touching the grass gave us quite a kick. Finally we showed mercy and put him on a blanket, but he got more and more frustrated watching the kids run around, wanting to join them but not wanting to leave the safety of his grass-free square. Eventually he just became bummed and you can see it in the pictures. Poor Big!

I'll admit to getting a bit photo happy while we were out.  I think we were outside for about an hour and I took a little over 100 photos.  So, while it may seem that I have posted a lot for you to view....just think what I could have done!  We had a great time.

Here's Big trying to balance on only his bum:

I hollered Pen's name while she was sitting in the almond tree.  The breeze whipped her hair a bit as she turned her head:

Bud has been a bit funny today.  When I call him by name he tells me, "I'm not Bud, I'm another guy."  At one point I asked him to help me pick something up and he said, "Remember, Mom, that I'm that other guy and, well, he doesn't clean."  Unfortunately that other guy doesn't know when Bud will be returning. Soon, hopefully.  It reminds me of when Pen was 2 and for several weeks she was our "upstairs neighbor".  We would ask her a question and she would answer, "I don't know, I'm just your upstairs neighbor."


Anonymous said...

Hope we'll have some time for you to take lovely pictures of my kids, too!

The Laundry Queen said...

I'm glad you think my pictures are lovely--thanks!

Bob & Peg said...

It is too bad that your kids are all so adorable! Don't ever leave Tolman El., I need to get them in the 6th grade.
xoxo "Aunt" Peg (in the halls to the girls :))