Sunday, May 4, 2008

They're Mocking Me!

I went to get a haircut yesterday.  It is something I always look forward to, so I sat in the chair and eagerly awaited the first snip.  As the hair started to pile up on the drape in my lap I looked down and noticed a couple of gray hairs in the mix. After looking at them a few moments I decided I wasn't enjoying it too much and took steps to rid myself of the ugly things.

I poked at the drape from underneath and watched all the hair slide off to the floor with satisfaction.  But wait....those two pesky gray hairs were still there! When I saw this, I tried a few other methods to help them on their way (you know, the finger poke and slide and the fingernail scratch).  For some reason those gray hairs refused to budge!

I don't know if it was due to hair grease, hair gel, static cling or what, but those two hairs stayed put.  As they sat there glistening against the matte black drape it almost felt as if they were mocking me!  I have been struggling to come to grips with my ever increasing age as it seems that more loose skin and wrinkles appear every day.  I think those hairs were trying to tell me, "Deal with it! We're not going anywhere!"  

At the end of the haircut I looked at myself in the mirror and evaluated my appearance. I realized that I look darn good, gray hairs and all.  I think I'm looking forward to the next stage and age in my life, and if it comes with a few gray hairs I'll deal with it.

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